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Atomi Koffi Lazare

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About This Project

Graduation Date - June 2022

Personal Testimony

I met the Lord in 1988 in my village of Tre (Municipality of Dassa-Zoume). While I was suffering from sinusitis, I received the voice of the Lord: "Why are you running so much for healing? Follow my servants around you. I then took the decision to follow Jesus by bringing me closer to my Christian brothers. I accepted him as my Lord and personal Savior and since that day I have not left him. He called me to his work and I have been engaged as his servant since 1995. 
My training at BBI helped me a lot. I finished the bachelor's degree in Theology and came back to continue my studies in Theological License. The impact of training in my ministry is extraordinary. And I am more ambitious for a qualitatively large ministry. 

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Benin Bible Institute

The church in Benin is expanding. But the problem of training remains a major challenge. Most leaders have not received training. Independent churches are also multiplying on a large scale.

The greatest need of the church is the edification which must necessarily pass through the quality training of the leaders. It is only on this condition that the church will bear more fruit for the glory of God

BBI offers its students quality training with a contextualized learning model that takes into account all social groups of the church and diverse programs affecting the different ministries of the church.

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