Adegbemiro Segun Ojo

Adegbemiro Segun Ojo

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Graduation Date - 2021

Personal Testimony

My name is Ojo, Adegbemiro Segun, I am from Ogbomoso in Oyo State. My parents, Mr and Mrs Ojo, Adebayo Cecilia got converted and became Christians, and to the glory of God my mother died as a Christian. God has been so merciful to me to the extent that He called me to be among those who would be preaching His word in order to bring lost souls to His kingdom. 

God started whispering to me when I was in Port Harcourt for my youth service program. It was a surprise package that very night when God was talking to me through His word and inner witness. After I came back from youth service, I did not know God really meant business with me. I started observing His presence when He woke me up one day, tapping me into consciousness and telling me to go and fulfil the assignment God has assigned to me. I experienced many encounters with God which I would not be able to mention here before I finally answered the call. Immediately I agreed to come for the training, still having doubts in my mind then my church pastor asked me I was having a divided mind. He then advised me to take a step of attending the seminary which I did after some days. After I had purchased the form from the Seminary, the school called me for the first and the second interview without knowing that my wife was praying that the Seminary would not offer me admission at all. God surprised as my name was among the successful candidates. After that, I took a step to secure a loan and disposed my small car before I could be able to pay my school fees for the first year, to my surprise, it was after I paid for the first year that my wife confirmed it to me for the second time thoroughly, that it is the will of God to be His preacher in this contemporary time.  


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The seminary serves the Nigerian Baptist Convention through the church, schools and the denomination. The health of the church is vibrant and she continually looks forward to expanding her frontiers in all dimensions of missions.
The greatest need of the church is quality theological training for ministers to carry out the work of missions in the church, schools and general denominational life.
The seminary meets this need by providing high-quality theological education and professional training for God-called men and women, irrespective of ethnic, linguistic, social, educational, and economic differences to help meet the need for effective leadership in the work of churches, schools, and areas of denominational life at local, national and international levels in a way to facilitate the fulfillment of the Great Commission of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

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