Agricola Chinjekure

Agricola Chinjekure

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About This Project

Graduation Date - 2021

Personal Testimony

My name is Agricola.  I am married and have three children.  I used to go to a church where it was believed that baptism was the only way to heaven.  Later after I got married I started to go to a non denominational study group where I was told the truth that a person should receive Jesus Christ as his personal saviour.  After I received Jesus Christ, I felt that I should learn more to correct the false teachings I had.  At my church I was chosen to lead women ministry.  I thought that it was good for me to learn more so that I could effectively lead the ladies ministry.  I decided to go to a theological college to equip myself with sound doctrine.  My aim is to equip women because they face a lot of problems and also that they are the majority in the church.  I discovered that women do a lot of teachings to their children at home or to other children in the community.  So they are the ones to have more of sound doctrine so that they also impact it to others and not practise the false doctrine.  Women constitutes the majority in all churches countrywide hence they need to be equipped.  I discovered that even working class women they end up teaching or counselling other employees at work.  They are  also the ones to lead fellowships at their workplaces or in their community. This inspired me to be trained so that I also teach and equip women.  My desire is to pass and after graduating I become a fulltime teacher of the gospel mainly targeting women.  I want to be fully committed in equipping women.  I look forward that God will give me the strength and I commit myself to my work.  I look forward to be a trainer of women.    

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Harare Theological College

The school serves in a country where the church is in dire need of spiritual and genuine leaders. The church community in Zimbabwe is huge, but true understanding of the word of God is very little. A lot of clever and motivational preachers and so-called prophets, but very little spiritual and Bible-based teaching. The church’s greatest need is good teaching and leadership. In our present situation as a country, the church is constantly challenged, and our faith tested, and we need those who can lead. Our school responds to this crisis by providing tools and knowledge to not only understand the word of God, but to impact the world around us and become example leaders.

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