Ayoub Ibrahim Ayoub

Ayoub Ibrahim Ayoub

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About This Project

Graduation Date - May 2021

Personal Testimony

I came to Christ in 1985 while I was listening to a sermon in (John 3 :16). After this sermon, I decided to give my life to Jesus & then I started to serve in youth meeting. Years later and during our usual visiting to one of the houses in my village, I listened to a story happened to someone in Alexandria. Through this story God called me & from then on my life changed. God called me to serve in the deprived areas in Delta where Alexandria locates and where there is very low number of churches. So God guided me to make a team of (20 person) and together we planted two churches and we began to reach the unreached people. Also we served the displaced families (120) from El- Arish who came and lived in Future city. My study in ETSC supported me a lot in this journey, so I became more equipped to all of these works for God’s glory. 

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The Evangelical Theological Seminary in Cairo, ETSC

ETSC is serving mainly Evangelical Presbyterian churches in Egypt and the Middle East which are suffering nowadays from youth leaving in many regions, for many reasons.

Furthermore, the changes that has been taking place in many Arab countries due to what was called the Arab Spring has created many challenges, yet it has opened the doors for many ministry opportunities.

At a time when many Arab nations are seeking to form a new identity and society that cares for social justice, freedom, peace and reconciliation, the church feels that there is no more golden opportunity than this to communicate the gospel through trained and qualified leaders who can incarnate the love and life of Jesus Christ.

Furthermore, the pressure of the Islamic movement and its effect on culture and society motivates the Seminary leadership to offer more opportunities for solid theological training to protect and empower Christian existence in Egypt and the Middle East.

ETSC speaks directly to this need because its mission is to prepare, equip and train pastors and leaders of the Evangelical Presbyterian Church and various churches in Egypt, the Arab world and Arab communities abroad, to be qualified to serve the church and society.

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