David Stephens

David Stephens

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About This Project

Graduation Date - December 2021

Personal Testimony

I had been physically and verbally abused by my father, as well as bullied by my older brother into my teenage years.  I was also sexually abused for 7 years by an older boy.  This led to a struggle with my identity and abuse of substances such as alcohol.  Christ laid hold of me at the age of 15.  I was in my 3rd year of high school.  His pursuit of me took place over a period of 7 months, through the persistence of classmates sharing the gospel and love of God with me. I was born again in July of 1998.

I have been involved in ministry at various levels and through various times in my walk with the Lord.  However, I recently came to realize that I did not understand the Lord or His Word as I ought to.  My knowledge of Him was skewed by charismatic experience/Word of Faith teachings rather than being firmly founded on scriptural truth and Biblical doctrine.  This is when I made the decision to attend seminary.  So that I may no longer fall foul to every wind of doctrine and also may not lead others astray from the Truth. 

It is also my desire to pastor Gods flock as an associate pastor. To minister His word to His people and tending to their needs as the Lord enables me. I would like to start a ministry to help abandoned or fatherless children. As a part of this ministry, counselling of abused children/teens/young adults. So that they may know their identity and destiny which the Father in His fore-knowledge pre-ordained for them to fulfil for His glory.It is my hope that this ministry will be far reaching and have at its center the gospel of Jesus Christ, not any one person or personality.  As well as being based on biblical counselling and not modern-day psycho-spiritual or New Age methods. 


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Theological College of Zimbabwe (TCZ)

The popular saying on the African Church states that “the African church is a mile wide and an inch deep.” This is true for the Church TCZ serves. The Zimbabwe church while experiencing phenomenal growth in numbers, remains estranged to the Bible and the Christ of the Bible. The growth of the charismatic movement and its ‘prosperity gospel’ is wreaking havoc on the body of Christ. TCZ’s philosophy of education seeks to address the ills of the new doctrines while at the same time offering programmes to help students become relevant to their own context. Students are challenged to live and preach a transformative gospel which will result in the Zimbabwe church becoming a key player in changing the ills of the country for the glory of God. The greatest need of the church in Zimbabwe is theologically sound and well-trained leaders who do not compromise the teachings of the Bible for their own gain. TCZ responds to this need by offering biblically sound, contextually relevant and Christ centered training to those in leadership within the church in Zimbabwe. This biblically grounded learning experience informs the ministry of TCZ graduates within the context of their various communities.

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