Eyerusalem Negash

Eyerusalem Negash

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One Time Donation

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About This Project

Graduation Date - June 2022

Personal Testimony

I am the youngest child in my family and I watched my older brothers and their friends play soccer. I fell in love with the game and trained myself to join the Ethiopian national team. 

One day, I was invited to a Christian wedding. The radiant love and affection shared between the bride and the groom and those who were invited in the wedding captured my heart and I gave my life to Christ. The demonstration of Christ’s love was so evident and I rejoiced in my new life. However, I kept it a secret from my parents. I was sure they will not approve. My dad found my Bible and forbade me from going to church. I stopped following Christ but pursued with my soccer games.  

The women soccer team that I joined passed the African champion-ship for the first time in the Ethiopian women soccer history. I then became the captain of the team at age 17. As I was basking in all the fame, I suddenly hit a rock, broke my ankle and got hospitalized. All my friends & followers vanished. I was devastated. It was at this time my sister, a secret believer, shared the love of Christ with me. That fire of love I once experienced ignited again and I cried out to the Lord and rededicated my life to Jesus. The Lord provided treatment and I got healed. I also started going to church and grew in my life with the Lord.  

I met my husband Tewodros and became a mother of two beautiful children. I chose to study at ETC because it is well known for its Bible centered teaching. I joined to equip myself to minister to young Ethiopian women, empower them and help them reach towards what God has for them 

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Evangelical Theological College

ETC serves the Evangelical Churches in Ethiopia. The church grew tremendously during the Marxist rule without having corresponding growth in trained leaders. In response to this need, ETC started equipping the evangelical church of Ethiopia through full time and part-time degree programs. Subsequently, ETC tailored its trainings to the contemporary felt needs of the church and included three Masters Programs; Master of Arts in Educational Leadership, Youth Ministry and Holistic Child Development.

The current need in the Ethiopian Church is training Ministers to rightly divide the Word of truth. Along with the freedom of religious beliefs came the different teachings focusing on prosperity gospel and other teachings not grounded in Biblical principles. These fast growing teachings have left many, specially the youth, with false hopes and subjugated them to ultimate disillusionment.

ETC and its graduates are in the forefront training and preparing ministers through instruction in Biblical, theological, human development disciplines, nurturing ministers to have Christian character and transferring skills for effective ministry. ETC graduates are working from the grass root to leadership in the areas of Pastoring and Counseling, theological Education, Evangelism and Missionaries, Church Administration, Christian Literature & translation and other areas of ministry.

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