Faustulus Adawa

Faustulus Adawa

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Graduation Date - July 2021

Personal Testimony

I was born into an unbelieving family.  My father had two wives and seven children.  I am the next to last.  My mother died when I was two years old and shortly thereafter he divorced his other wife.  Thankfully when I was 8 my Father remarried a Christian woman who took me to church and helped me to go to school.  Soon a Sunday School teacher took the time to explain the Gospel to me and I believed.  This led to my call to serve the Lord while still very young as I wanted to preach and evangelize others. 

        I did very well in school ending each year first in my class.  I feel that God gave me a gift for learning and teaching.  I would often explain things to my fellow students who had trouble to understand.  My Father was still not a believer, but two pastors took an interest in me, one a graduate of Shalom Seminary.  They discipled me and my step-mother continued to help me advance in school.  I was the first person in my extended family to get a high school diploma and now I am the first person in my entire village to get advanced education.   

      By God’s grace, my Father had a radical change in his life in 2015.  Whereas he never used to go to a church, he now serves in the church almost every day.  He is even an elder.  My Father is a simple farmer who grows peanuts and beans.  He is helping me to get my Seminary education.  I taught for two years in a high school before coming to Seminary.  I would like to be a high school chaplain after I finish There are many young people in Congo who do not know Jesus as their personal Saviour.   


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Shalom University of Bunia

The Church in DR Congo is alive and growing but struggles with many spiritual challenges from traditional religion (witch doctors), cults and “independent” churches. The Church serves a society with rampant corruption, armed conflict and millions of displaced people and these realities challenge the church to be relevant and prophetic without adopting the world view of the society around it. The church faces the challenge of passing the faith to a bursting population where over half of the people are under 18 years old. There is a huge need for Christian leaders that can reach the next generation effectively.

The church’s greatest need is for spiritually minded and academically capable leadership that can speak powerfully into the society with vision.

Shalom Seminary graduates teach the gospel as pastors, evangelists, missionaries, Bible translators, Bible school teachers and in radio and chaplaincy for schools, hospitals and the military. They serve as salt and light in the Congo where corruption is rampant and the country’s human development index (a UN measure) is near last place.

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