Ghada Bannoura

Ghada Bannoura

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One Time Donation

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About This Project

Graduation Date - May 2021

Personal Testimony

I’m enrolled at BethBC because I have a passion to serve God in my community, thus I started to study and dig deeper in the knowledge of God’s Word. 

God is always teaching me, whether more knowledge, more love for His Word, or even increasing the joy in my heart to serve my people. I don’t have a current ministry, though I used to serve among children. I have a future desire to serve in women’s ministry or even in the field of teaching. That is why my education at BethBC is very beneficial. 

I do want to seek more education as a plan (MA degrees and beyond if possible), while also teaching in the meantime. BethBC is helping unfold this, and it is opening doors for me. Recently, I was invited by BethBC to attend a theological symposium in Chicago, which was amazing to take part in. These types of out-of-classroom conferences and events extend our knowledge and allow us to network and further our understanding of what we have been taught in our studies in Bethlehem. This is of tremendous value to us as students. 

I came to know Christ while listening to a sermon about the Samaritan woman in the Gospel of John. Though I knew about Christ as a child, yet this sermon changed my whole life once and for all. However, God’s call for me to start studying His Word has developed in me over time, but only became clear the year I joined BethBC. 

I have a family of four young children, who are all enrolled in school, with my husband being the only provider. Please pray for my future study and ministry, my family, my son who has a mechanical valve in his heart (as well as praises for God for saving him!), and my country so that many of them may come to know Christ and His saving grace.

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Bethlehem Bible College

Bethlehem Bible College (BethBC) was founded because of the need for quality theological education in Palestine. When the College began in 1979, many of the promising Christian leaders were leaving the country for higher education. Once abroad, many of them, attracted by a new lifestyle and opportunities, did not return to help lead the church in their own country. This left the country with less than 1% as the Christian population due to the political situation and lack of leadership opportunities. As a result, BethBC emphasizes leadership and implements love for the land through embracing each students’ call. This happens by contextualizing theology through conferences and curriculum. Students are encouraged to work hard and serve the kingdom of God, especially the church. The College helps to stem this exodus by equipping students and empowering them. BethBC is the only institution of its kind in Palestine or Israel that trains Palestinians in Arabic for a BA in Biblical Studies, Christian Education and MA in Christian Leadership and Ministry. BethBC has 40 years of experience in training Christian leaders who have gone on to serve in local churches, ministries and institutions both private and governmental.

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