Hamodi Hussain Khawaja

Hamodi Hussain Khawaja

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One Time Donation

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Monthly Donation

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About This Project

Graduation Date - July 2022

Personal Testimony

I grew up in a Muslim family! My father is Muslim, I used to go to Sunday school with the children of neighbor and this is the beginning of my knowledge of Christianity. Me and the children in our area were studying Islamic education at school because no Christian religion teachers. With the passing of time in Sunday school, the time for baptism come, I told my father that I want to be baptized I was afraid to refuse but he agreed! Everyone in our church was amazed how a Muslim father agreed to the baptism of his son!  The reason I enrolled in theology was to bridge the gap in my district’s need o qualified Christian education teachers. There is a church in our area but there is no effective pastoral leaders. 


 Since I started the studying at Nile theological college God has blessing me every day         with new understanding and new tools, these support and light in my life and my ministry, also I witnessed a noticeable development and spiritual transformation in my life and ministry. 

My future goals and objectives for ministry is that after I finished the study I will return back to my area to contribute in developing and expansion of church ministry and community such as 

  • Sunday school ministry 

  • Youth ministry 

  • Christian education ministry 

  • Bible study for different classes (small groups). 


I wish to serve God and follow his call for me, and my prayers is that God will open the doors for me for his glory. 

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Nile Theological College

NTC is serving the Sudanese church no matter their denomination (any church accepted by Sudanese council of churches) the most of the church are poor, and the most of the members are not working in the government as they gain their living expenses day by day (daily bread) some of the members are displaced people came from Nuba Mountains and South Sudan. The church in Sudan needs to train and educate its members so that it can work and teach others.
Most NTC graduates are now working as teachers, pastors, even some of them joined organizations and some graduates from south Sudan become part of government.

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