Helen Emerah Daniel

Helen Emerah Daniel

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About This Project

Graduation Date - 2021

Personal Testimony

My name is Helen, Noyeum Emerah Daniel. I am from illah oshimili north – Asaba in Delta State. I am 46 years old, female, I am happily married and am blessed with 2 girls and 3 boys. 

I came from a Christian home, but did not have the knowledge of Christ until I got married in 1992. It was then I heard about Jesus Christ, through our Senior Pastor A.A Jogbogo Foursquare Gospel church. Ever since then my life has not remained the same again. Spiritually, my life has witnessed growth from one level to the other. I came for Diploma in Music but along the line I saw the need for me to know God the more. I then enrolled for Diploma in Theology. LIFE community gave me another insight about ministry as a whole. I now know what it means to be a minister, the love shared among students and lecturers. The environment is  conducive for learning. Some fatherly and motherly advice from the faculty members have really build my faith in God and  given me hope that with God all things are possible. 

My goals for the ministry, God helping me, is to take the gospel to all nations.  and to win as many as possible  to Christ and to give hope to the hopeless. 

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LIFE Theological Seminary

LIFE Theological Seminary (LIFE) located in Ikorodu, Lagos State, Nigeria, is one of the foremost Seminaries in Africa. LIFE was established in 1955 by Rev. Harold Curtis, an American Foursquare Missionary to Nigeria. Since inception, thousands of students from various Christian denominations and countries (Ghana, DR Congo, Central Africa Republic, Togo, Serria Leone, Cameroon etc.) in Africa have graduated with certificates, Diplomas, Bachelor, Masters and Doctor of Ministry Degrees.

LIFE is an interdenominational school sponsored by Foursquare Gospel Church in Nigeria. The churches in Nigeria which the Seminary serve is in the midst of spiritual awakening, unprecedented church plantings, rooted in Biblical principles and values. The greatest need of the church is inadequate workforce for the ministry. The ministry is left in the hands of many untrained people. LIFE provides quality theological education and skills for the church. The students of the Seminary after graduation return back to their churches for ministries. The training in LIFE equips students with necessary knowledge,skills and spiritual formation for effective performance.

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