Hristo Toshkov Hristov

Hristo Toshkov Hristov

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One Time Donation

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About This Project

Graduation Date - November 2023

Personal Testimony

I started studying at St Trivelius Christian Instutite under the Bachelor of Theology program, because I am clearly aware that reading the Bible is a life-giving work in my life, but the lack of information about people and events, beliefs, understandings and theories in Theology is a deficit which, to me personally, prevented me from being actively involved in the execution of the Grand Mission. So I started my studies. But this learning process has proven to be much more exciting, building that I thought and is expanding my boundaries. I became more confident in what I read, more attentive to what I was listening to, more precise in what I allowed to reach me. Studying at St. Trivelius Institute is one of the most important decisions I have made during my spiritual growth in my life. 

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Saint Trivelius Christian Institute

Saint Trivelius Christian Institute is above denominational and accepts students mainly from the five traditional denominations in Bulgaria. In our country there is a good understanding between the different denominations, we have no persecution for the faith. The traditional denomination in Bulgaria is the Eastern Orthodoxy, with which the Church maintains good relationships.

One of the basic needs of the church is to send prepared and devoted ministers who can adequately respond to the contemporary problems facing our society, namely the preservation of the values ​​of the Christian family and spiritual and mental health, as well as the moral foundations in which we educate our children.

Due to the increasing interest, the school opened new master's programs: Wellness and Christian Counseling, Marital Counseling, Social entrepreneurship and specializations: Family Relations, Parenting Skills and the “Changed Life” program. The students who complete these programs then take care of pastoral care and Christian counseling in the churches they participate. Our bachelor’s program has mostly students preparing for pastors and ministers, both in church and in the community.

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