Izabella Szafraniec

Izabella Szafraniec

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About This Project

Graduation Date - December 2022
Personal Testimony
When I was 16, I heard the Gospel for the first time from an American evangelist. I experienced the baptism of the Holy Spirit and was baptized after joining the church. In 1993, I got married and after our third child was born I gave up working and dedicated my time to my family. In 1996, God put in my heart a vision for children. In this vision I saw God's desire to touch (let the children come to me) and transform a new generation. Later, I joined an international team as a representative for Poland and assumed the volunteer role of the director of Kids in Ministry Poland. After a few training courses I started (with others) to teach those who are involved in children’s ministries in Europe. In Poland, I lead a children’s ministry in the local church.
Since 2014, I have been involved in teaching leaders and leading children’s meetings primarily in Africa, Southeast Asia and the Balkans. Also, I minister in Poland where I am invited to various churches to spark the passion for a new generation and training people for this work.
My dream is a ministry spreading the Gospel among the nations, equipping people and making disciples. I do it in a limited way today, having resources and means for basic needs of such projects, and because I am a mother of two school age children those trips need to be short. But, there are a few of them in a year and I am constantly preparing for new trips. The EST program is helping me to develop and, in the future, I believe, I will be able to get involved even more and be better prepared after graduating from EST.

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Evangelical School of Theology (EWST)

Poland/Europe is facing challenges such as: demographic changes, unstable political situations, decreased interest in theological studies with primarily Evangelical, Pentecostal or charismatic churches growing while traditional churches are shrinking. We need to go back to what unifies us as Christians, support each other in evangelism and bea Christian witness in secular Europe. EWST programs:

•Bachelor of Arts in Theology - In addition to theological knowledge,EWST has adopted a practical profile to bring us closer to churches and Christian organizations providing skills and knowledge to benefit the ministry of students and graduates.
•Institute of Church Development – ICD offer straining to pastors, current or potential church leaders, and church planters. ICD seeks to empower leaders in their areas of ministry, developing their skills, strengthening them spiritually, or training them for their specific tasks. •Academy of Third Age – ATA combines education, encouragement and integration to meet the needs of seniors in a comprehensive way.
•School of Dialogue - Offers events in cooperation with different partners:mainstream protestant and evangelical churches in Wroclaw, Jewish community, city institutions, schools and universities or non-government organizations.

EWST is an interdenominational platform where students receive inspiration, education, and practical training. They are exposed to different denominations, different activities/training.

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