J. Evangalin Jeba Golda

J. Evangalin Jeba Golda

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About This Project

Graduation Date - April 2023

Personal Testimony

I was born and brought up in a Christian family. My parents and grandparents were very spiritual. So, I have learned many things by watching them. In my childhood, I had a good relationship with God. As I grew older, I turned away from God but the love of Christ never left me. I knew that I was away from God. Away from God meant I started spending time for worldly pleasure, and my time for prayer and meditation got shorter. Because of the grace of God, I joined Sarah Tucker College. After going to that college my life had turned upside down. I stayed in a hostel at that time. I started realizing my mistake that I was away from God. In that college my sisters were part of other religions. When they came to know Christ I spent a lot more of my time in prayer. By seeing them, I was very much wondered about Christ and started growing in my spiritual life. Only during my college, I realized and tasted the love of Christ. My college days made me renew myself in Christ. 

After that, I understood that without his permission and without his will nothing will happen in our life. I started believing Christ even more. According to my faith, in my life God has planned everything already for me. I remember my college motto was. “so run that ye may obtain the incorruptible crown”. Life is a race. When we are born in this world our race has started and I have a hope that I am not running alone. My heavenly Father is also coming with me. By walking with Him surely, I will finish my race and reach my destination. 

I am studying here to receive my B.D. Before coming here, I didn't have any knowledge about this. I will be studying this and the language also. But I have hope that if I finish this course then it will be more useful for me. After coming here, the subjects which I am learning will surely help for my future ministry. In my first year, I am studying languages so that I can understand what is there in the original text, the originality of the text and how it is translated. And I can say understanding Indian society is different and understanding a society is difficult but this subject helps to learn other things. Communications and so many other subjects I will be learning in these four years, I have faith that it will help for me to understand more about God and for my future. In history of Christianity I am learning so many things about the faith of Christians, sufferings of Christians and how they committed their life fully to God. 

After completing my studies I want to work among women and children and equip the church. I want to do the will of God. So, I kept my future under the feet of God and have given my life in to his hands. And I am waiting in the presence of God, with what I want to do in my future. But I can say one thing surely: that wherever I may be, I will do ministry for the glory of God.

Project Owner

Allahabad Bible Seminary

Allahabad Bible Seminary was established in 1942 by OMS International (now One Mission Society) with the sole purpose of training men and women for the ministry of our Lord. The needs of the churches in North India are great. There is a great need for theologically trained pastors and workers in the church. Since the Seminary offers the program in both in English and Hindi languages, it enables us to cater to the need of the Hindi Belt. The Seminary offers extension programmes to grassroots workers in the rural areas, so that they could be better equipped. Our graduates go out and serve the church and equip them to proclaim the Gospel in word and deed

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