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John Lorogoi Ekadeli

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About This Project

Graduation Date - March 2023

Personal Testimony

I come from Turkana County, Kenya. I am the second born in a family of three boys. Unfortunately, We lost our dad last month (October 3, 2019). I gave my life to Jesus Christ in June 2003 on a Saturday, a day in which the youth in Namoruputh P.A.G Church, use to meet to prepare for Sunday service songs. The youth sung a song which touched my heart; “Bila Wewe Yesu, mimi siwezi, bila wewe Yesu mimi siwezi” in translation, “without you Jesus I cannot managed”. This song made me to make a U-turn towards believing in Jesus Christ. In 2009 I received the call to serve Him.  

Due poverty, famine and sinful practices like Traditional Religion, Cattle rustling and witchcraft in my community I felt the need to join ATS to be equipped better to serve effectively. As a result, ATS has already brought transformation to my life, family and community at large.  One of my trainers evangelized to Mr. Mark who he later testified that, “he was a thief, (taking others people`s goats and slaughter it) and he gave his life to Christ. Few days later, neighbors’ goat entered in his yard for two days. The third day the owner came looking for it, and found the goat among his goats and the neighbor was surprised; that if he can found his goat safe in Mark`s goats, then something must have happened in his life. When mark testified to his neighbor, that Christ has changed him, the neighbor was able to give his life to Jesus. The following Sunday, Mr. Mark, brought this man to the church. Glory to God. 

My goal in life is to be used of God to make, equip and commission believers to multiply disciples of Jesus Christ through the power of the Holy Spirit. That`s why I have started to train and mentor Disciple Makers and Church planters. To make sure that the word of God has been imparted in the lives of people. I also have a desire to initiate an orphanage which is to carter for the needy children and orphans in the community. 

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Africa Theological Seminary

ATS is an interdenominational Institution that trains church leaders who are active in ministry. More than 80% of the students come from the rural and marginalized parts of Kenya. Pastors in these areas are struggling financially and lack formal training. The communities they come from still practice retrogressive cultures and traditions e.g. witchcraft, polygamy, cattle rustling, gender violence against women among other unbiblical practices.

The greatest need facing the church that ATS students and alumni are serving is lack of trained church leaders. Therefore, equipped and empowered pastors will have the capacity to correct unbiblical practices that are still taking place in many communities here in Kenya. ATS believes that what will sustain the work of evangelism and missions is training of church leaders.

Since our students are active in ministry, they go back after training to their churches and communities to disciple and equip their church members for ministry. Apart from discipling their church members, ATS student also hold conferences and short trainings in their villages in partnership with the Seminary and the faculty.

ATS appreciate your partnership in prayer and financial support as we empower Christian leaders who will transform Africa and the world.

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