Kouakou Yoboué Ahou Aimée YAO

Kouakou Yoboué Ahou Aimée YAO

  • Côte d’Ivoire
  • University of Christian Alliance of Abidjan (UFR FATEAC)
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About This Project

Graduation Date - 2021

Personal Testimony

I accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior in 1988. But I was a carnal Christian until 1998 when I recognized my forfeiture before the Lord Jesus who accepted me into his great love. In a university city, zeal for God's work had grown. I didn't want to miss an activity at the church under any circumstances if it wasn't for classes. It is with this in mind that I did the discipleship classes with the AMI (CAPRO) in Bouaké and Abidjan. God called me to serve him while I was in a bachelor's degree in Economics and Development.  

It was after Master's degree in Economics that I started theological training at CMA Institut at Yamoussoukro (IBACY), after my marriage. Theological training has improved my personal knowledge of God and the way I serve him. My call is to contribute through teaching to the training of the servants of the Lord in a Seminary. I’d like also to contribute to the theological reflection in African context through my researches.  

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University of Christian Alliance of Abidjan (UFR FATEAC)

Our School is used to serve all the Evangelical churches in Francophone Africa. The Church in Francophone Africa is growing fast but needs to take root in the Word of God. The level of maturity of Christians is declining and socio-economic and political problems often affect the lives of Christians. There is a need of contextualization of the Gospel to the realities of African societies.

The most important challenge of those churches is the lack of maturity of most of the Christians due to the lack of knowledge of the Truth of the Word of God, delivered in a relevant way. the spreading of false doctrines; the rise of Islam etc.

Our graduates are trained to reflect on all theoretical knowledge they receive in accordance of the context of their specific church and the African churches in general. We also encourage them for their thesis to work on relevant topics to their churches or ministries.

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