Kyar Yaw See

Kyar Yaw See

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About This Project

Graduation Date - February 2021

Personal Testimony

I am Kyar Yaw See. My grandparents were the first-generation Christians from a spirit-worship community. We are seven siblings and we are poor. I wanted to get out of poverty. I left home at my 17 to explore worldly pleasure. What I earned after working hard for years is Tubercular disease.  


In 2013, I joined a Bible school for BTh program where I got converted, receiving and trusting Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior. During my BTh days, God gave me a vision to found a discipleship training. I came to sense that many young, nominal Christians are wondering in life, purposeless and helpless. I will seek them out, bring them to Christ and nurture them in training setting. For this, I want to build myself up in the knowledge of God and the Bible first all the more. I felt that only when I am well-rooted in biblical teaching, I may become more competent to handle my life and that of others better.  


So, I decided to continue MDiv program and now I am a second-year student. My studies at MEGST strengthens me in differently ways. First, all the courses I have studies so far are insightful and formative for my personal life. I have opportunity to apply what I have learned from the school into the church setting every week. This makes my study alive and fresh. I got full pack of lessons every day. Second, my relationship with fellow students and professors expands my spiritual horizon. The unity in diversity of MEGST community with all kinds of denominations and tribal backgrounds removes my cultural, traditional spirit of loving myself and own. God challenges me to embrace young people regardless of tribe in my future ministry. My way of thinking got changes a lot and even my preaching. Third, my professors not only teach courses but also mold us intentionally, formally and informally. I am trying to imitate them whenever I lead Bible study in my weekend ministry.  


In addition to discipleship training for youth as my ministry in the future mentioned above, I have a heart to take care of children. There are many children in IDP camps without proper shelter, clean clothes, healthy food, good education and knowledge of God. My concern is to meet the needs of 50 children, especially to give them education and Christ. 

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The MEGST serves the Church under the umbrella of the Myanmar Evangelical Christian Alliance (MECA). The need then and now is to raise and train potential leaders with international quality so that those leaders may not need to go aboard for their graduate or postgraduate programs. The reason is many leaders who get trained in other countries hardly come back to serve the Church. Another reason is that such leaders have no option for their further studies since the existed, quality seminary accepts only the Baptists.

The greatest need of the Church is servant leadership. Due to socio-political leadership of military regime for generations, Myanmar Church leadership is dictatorial. Mostly, top leaders (founder or senior leader) would exercise the leadership authority without sharing it to others until death. In this scenario, the Church needs servant leadership at the top.

Meeting the need of higher theological education of and servant leadership for the evangelical leaders, MEGST produces over 500 graduates of multi-tribal people with interdenominational spirit who learn what is servant leadership by the role model of MEGST team leadership, sharing power to and empowering others.

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