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Lama Khoury

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Personal Testimony

I lived in Damascus, Syria until 2010 when I married a Jordanian man.  Now I live in Amman, Jordan with my husband and my son.  I was always involved in church and tried to be a good person, but I was living a life of sin by lying, gossiping, and being angry.  One Sunday in church (2016), the pastor told us to imagine ourselves in the position of Mary Magdalene.  I saw how Jesus respected and accepted her and did not shame her. I knew then that Jesus loves me even though I am a sinner. The pastor prayed and I felt Jesus hold my heart and squeeze it clean.  Now I have a personal relationship with Jesus and when I pray, He touches my heart.  I always pray ‘let it be Your will, not mine’ and I thank God for His answers, even when I do not understand them.   


In Syria, I was able to work in the Ministry of Agriculture, but now in Jordan, I stay at home.  I am able to study with PTEE because they have classes in my church.  I studied The Book of Romans and for the first time, I understand that I am a new creation because the old person died with Christ.  And I understand justification is a free gift from God so now I serve God out of love, not out of duty.   


I am now in PTEE’s Certificate of Ministry program studying the Life of Christ.  My desire to is to become a Bible teacher for women – this is a great need in our churches, especially if I return to Syria.  My goal is to complete my Certificate of Ministry with PTEE so that I can become a Bible teacher for women.      

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Program for Theological Education by Extension

The Program for Theological Education by Extension (PTEE) exists to strengthen and expand the Church across the Arab World by bringing Biblically-sound evangelical theological training to Arabic-speaking Christians and church leaders. Developed and directed by Arabs, PTEE provides affordable theological, ministry, and leadership education to Arabic speakers wherever they live, work, and serve across the Arabic-speaking world.

The PTEE curriculum emphasizes Biblical understanding, individual spiritual growth, acquisition of practical ministry skills, and societal transformation. Through the education and training of leaders from within the local churches for the local churches, PTEE seeks to build the Church, advance the Kingdom, and positively transform the society across the unreached Arab World.

Each year, PTEE holds more than 40 classes in Arab countries in the Middle East and North Africa in which:
less than 1% are evangelical Christians
17 countries are on the World Watch List as the most persecuted believers
only 5 countries have seminaries or Bible colleges
the majority of people face moderate to severe economic hardships

PTEE has three internationally accredited academic programs—Bachelor of Theology, Diploma of Theology, and Certificate of Theology. PTEE also offers a non-degree Certificate of Ministry.

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