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Luxton Barthu

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Graduation Date - November 2023
Personal Testimony
I grew up in a christian home my parents attended the Anglican church. After my parents accepted Christ we attended the Brethren church myself three brothers and two sisters. I accepted Christ when iwas 12 yrs old from the prayer and scripture in the front of one of the many colourful Gideons bibles ( blue one) that could be found in our house at the time. Later however at the age of 21 i rebelled and experienced what the world had to offer. This continued until the age of 33 yrs when the Lord spoke

6 very loudly and i returned from my reckless and profligate living and accepted Christ recommitting my life. Reason for coming to seminary I know God has called me and in order for me to be the man of God that "rightly divides the word of truth" as 2 Tim.2:15 says i knew i needed to be equipped. This is proven in scripture christians need to be discipled in order to be sent. The disciples did their in "service training" before being sent into the world ( Matth.28:19). If Jesus disciples had to be trained then we too need to be trained and equiped to serve effectively as followers of Christ. Impact of seminary in my life My studies has really helped me understand Gods word better ,and because of this , i believe i have improved in my ministering to others. Because i now have more knowledge , insight and a better understanding thologicaly , but still learning , my studies have firstly impacted the way i now relate to my family ,from a biblical perspective , this also flows to extended family and relationships with friends as well as the church and into my community as well as vocationaly and everyone i encounter daily. I am able to teach my family , friends and others some of what i have learnt to help them grow by applying knowledge gained at seminary. It has impacted my Spiritual formation in a big way as i look at my communication with God a little differently in how i worship , praise and relate to God. It has reallyimpacted every area of my life and most significantly my ministry to others and my personal relationship with the Lord. Goals for future ministry First and foremost to always tell others about the good news and the love of Jesus Christ. To always maintain a commitment to biblical inerrancy. The vision is firstly to have a church where young people feel there is a place for them in even in church. To impact our youth with the gospel and love of Jesus and teach , disciple them to serve. Integrate them into the other ministries , leadership and the church as a whole not separate them from the rest of the church. To oversee a church where its led by young men and woman who have been taught to lead continue to grow in Gods word and create an environment where Christian education integrates challenging intellectual interaction with exposure to demonstrable expertise in an environment that istailored to produce lifelong learners. The ultimate goal is salvation and transformation of society as a whole using youth to lead their peers to know Jesus as personal saviour

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Cape Town Baptist Seminary

Cape Town Baptist Seminary is located in Bridgetown, a low-income suburb, about 20km away from the city center. This suburb like most others in the Cape Flats is infiltrated by drugs and gangsterism. It is to this context we are called to train men and women to be on mission with God. Cape Town Baptist was founded as a theological training center in 1974 to train persons of Color for pastoral ministry as the then apartheid law prevented students of Color from studying with “Whites”. Since 1974, 600 of our graduates serve as pastors nationally and internationally, theologians at Private and State higher learning institutions, missionaries, teachers at private and public school, founder of NGO’s and some serve as market place ministers. The Seminary is conservatively evangelical with a focus on expository preaching, towards social transformation. The faculty is made up of high caliber of pastor theologians all who have earned PhD’s and some holding double earned doctorates. Understanding the need for the pursuit of academic excellence has not negated the need for spiritual formation in the life of the student. Thus the seminary places high emphasis on holistic theological training that prepares the head, heart and hand of our students. There are two Degree offering at CTBS, a full time 4 year Bachelor in Theology and Bachelor in Ministry degrees and a 5 year part-time Bachelor in Ministry Degree. To cater for the laity, we have a short course in Pastoral ministry called Pulse. The student body is racially and socially diverse, with national and international students on campus.

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