Nataliya Bakeeva

Nataliya Bakeeva

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About This Project

Graduation Date - May 2021

Personal Testimony

I came to know Christ when I was 19 years old. Since my parents were unbelievers, I had never heard about Christ from them. I came to Cherkasy city to study at the University and started to live separately from my relatives. On one of the days I noticed the advertisement of the movie “Jesus” in the city. I was very curious and decided to go there and watch it. At that place I got acquainted with a very special family and they became my friends. I saw something unusual about them. They were very different from all the people I met before. There was peace, love and understanding between them. I realized I wanted to be like them. They showed me many Christian films and talked with me about Jesus. Once they invited me to the church and I repented there. I am His child since then and I am very happy to know that Christ is always with me.  

One day I realized that I would love to learn how to be more useful for Him and learn to serve Him more. I wanted my life to be more fruitful for His kingdom. I also wanted to have more knowledge to share good news with the people. When I tried to do it before I noticed that I couldn’t answer all the questions people asked. Nowadays I see that I found many answers I didn’t have before. During different courses I also learn how to be effective in ministry, how to defend my faith in different life situations and I am becoming stronger in belief myself. If this is God’s will for me, I will become a missionary in the English speaking country. I would love to work with the women, also in orphanages, old folks homes, where God opens the door.  

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Zaporizhzhya Bible Seminary (ZBS)

ZBS programs on Bachelor’s level have been fully accredited under the Euro-Asian Accreditation Association since 2006. Along with these continuous programs, ZBS has run special programs directed at unique areas of need-- for example, a department for deaf students and a program to train church librarians. The emphasis in all our programs is on ministry—immediate, practical service in the context of the local church's inner life and external witness. Students are expected to develop and demonstrate the skills necessary to be fruitful servants and leaders in the churches. The annual missions that ZBS students, with faculty members, undertook to such countries as Russia, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan and Georgia have assisted struggling and isolated churches, proclaimed the Gospel to the people of these countries and also brought a number of new students to us from Kazakhstan! ZBS now has approximately 1000 graduates serving local churches and evangelizing in Ukraine, Estonia, Latvia, Russia, Poland, Armenia, and Kazakhstan.

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