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Naw Phone

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Graduation Date - December 2022

Personal Testimony

My name is Naw Phone.  I belong to Kachin ethnic minority group of Myanmar.  Basic knowledge and principles about the Holy Bible, God, Jesus and Holy Spirit were introduced from childhood days at the church school.  At the early teen ager time, 14, a discipleship training which was two months program conducted by local church at the summer vocation, touched me and changed all my imaginations about Jesus.  I accepted Jesus as my Savior and Redeemer and became the true disciple of Jesus.  From that time onward, I made up my mind to serve Him for the rest of my life.   

     After high school graduation, I joined the Kachin Theological College and Seminary for theological education.  As a B.Th degree holder, I began to serve God at my local church for three years.  Within these years, I also was a part time teacher at Bible school.  For the higher theological education, I enrolled Myanmar Institute of Theology for the Master of Divinity program in Yangon, capital of Myanmar.  The graduation took place for the M.Div at 2002.  Soon after the graduation, God called me for the cross cultural mission to Bamar Buddhism.   

     After 17 years for mission among the Buddhists, God sent me to Torch Trinity Graduate University for Ph.D to study the living Word of God in changing world and to equip with the best quality armors as well as the advanced techniques for the near future Myanmar mission, the most and strongest Buddhist country in the world.  The school help students from around the world to be able to create their own contextual way of teachings.  Torch Trinity Graduate University is the best place for spiritual formation and academic excellency for me.  As the motto of the school is “Teaching the Word, Changing the World,” the curricula were setting in mission oriented to teach and change the world.  

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Torch Trinity Graduate University

Torch Trinity Graduate University (hereafter TTGU) serves worldwide global church. TTGU is an evangelical, international, and interdenominational school. The church in Korea as well as in most of the non-Western world has grown up phenomenally in this global era with its indigenous leadership. The global church needs global vision with local sensitivity to reach out to those who do not know Jesus and God's love. TTGU's mission is to educate and equip effective ministry leaders who will bring the whole gospel to the whole world. TTGU emphasizes strategic mission education and adaptive education through strategic partnerships with pastors and leaders from mission fields and Korean churches. Furthermore, foreign residents in Korea and foreign nationals of Korean descent may find programs suited to their specific needs in our school.

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