Noé Manuel Mollo Gir

Noé Manuel Mollo Gir

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About This Project

Graduation Date - November 2021

Personal Testimony

The reason for coming to the Seminarywas not a decision of my family.Seeing the need that exists for the preaching of the Word in villageswhere there are many churches without a pastor,I felt the call of God.In the course of my studies at the university, the same Word was confirming God’scall to me. I leftthe Tomás Frías Autonomous University (UATF), traveled to Santa Cruz and worked half a year. With that money,I was able topay for two trimestersof studies at the Seminary.

Personally,I looked for a place of preparation in the Word of God and decided to enroll in the Hebron Theological Seminary in 2017. Studying and understanding the Scriptures was profound and which isnowtransforming me into spiritual maturity. I found the right place where God wanted to have me to prepare academically and in the ministry. I feel joy and peace in preparing and being involved in the ministry within the church.

I have the goal of supporting church ministries. I would like to work in missions in small towns starting inmy town, but always leavingeverything in the hands of God so that his will is done.Lastly, I would like to"Service in the work of God withmy family that God prepares for me in the future."

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HebrónTheological Seminary

It can be said that the churches are varied in their condition. There are churches with a good team of leaders and stable in their organization.Others are growing who need well-trained leaders so that they can develop healthy in doctrine and practice.
If an analysis of the above is made, the need for trained leaders to help the churches in their growth, development and sustainability will be noted as the greatest need.
The Seminary trains servants-leaders for Christian ministry, focusing on the teaching and preaching of the Holy Scriptures, as well as in the formation of character and ability in handling resources to reflect that result in the edification of local churches.

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