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Ophelia Ami

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About This Project

Graduation Date - May 2021

Personal Testimony

I was baptized in The Lord’s Pentecostal church Ashaiman Lebanon, in 1994, after confessing Jesus as my Lord and Savior in August 2005. I was an active church choir girl and sang solo on many occasions but singing as a young girl without much encouragement or motivation from other mature people killed my gift and started making all excuses not to sing again at the little criticism. It has been one of my regrets in life such that, if I could turn back the clock of time, I will correct this mistake of not humbling myself enough to learn through the process. I was still singing in the church choir until I got married to Bright Aklamanu in November 2014. A month after our marriage, my husband was ordained a pastor in The Lord’s Pentecostal Church so I became a pastor’s wife. 


After becoming a pastor’s wife, it dawned on me to have a theological education so that I will be able to be ‘a mother of the church’- counselling women and children, comforting single mothers and speaking to the men in church not to put women in situations that would make life difficult for them. I registered as a Bachelor of Theology student of Good News Theological Seminary in Accra, Ghana.  


Theological education at Good News Theological Seminary has been so helpful. It has taught me know how to preach, learn church growth strategies and principles, keep the members of my church and do rural and urban ministry. When I graduate, I plan to train women, particularly, wives of Pastors, to be effective counselors of women and children. Building a retreat center where women who are broken-hearted, single mothers, and women who are planning to begin para-church ministries could come and receive direction and counseling is my long-term dream. 

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Good News Theological Seminary

Good News Theological Seminary was established in Nov. 1971 to primarily serve the leadership, ministerial and theological needs of African Independent Churches (AICs).
The greatest needs of the AICs are theological education and the mobilization of members to effectively lead Christ-like lifestyles.
Graduates of the seminary teach and organise their members to know the doctrines and essence of Christianity and also equip them to lead lives that depicts that of Jesus Christ.

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