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Rani Ghale

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About This Project

Graduation Date - May 2021

Personal Testimony

I am born in a Christian family. From the childhood I was brought up in Christian environment where I used to go church daily and used to participate in many programmes such as singing, dancing etc. As there are 3 members in my family; my mom and dad, so they grew me up in a very happily way in northern part of India, Himachal Pradesh. My mother is the one who inspires me in God's word and who teaches me to live a moral and thoughtful life. When I was in 8th standard, in church we had a small youth programme where I accepted Jesus as my personal saviour and my father. As my father is busy with his own work so he was not able to give time to us. But my mother is always being supportive to me. After completing the 12th standard we all came to our own land Nepal. I was very nervous with my future because I had a confusion a lot that I should join the other colleges or Bible college. I was in prayer for my further studies and God talked with me through my pastor. From that period, I was sure of God's call in my life. As I had decided to join Bible college behind this I had a vision to work among the children who are poor, needy and who had not got the love of their parents. Therefore, I joined Nepal Ebenezer Bible College. 

As I have completed my 1st year of Bachelor in Theology, so I can see many changes in my life. I am having a meaningful prayer and fasting life which I never used to do personally. This seminary had shown the great impact in my life. As I was a shy girl and was not able to speak among others but this seminary makes me mentally, socially, spiritually and individually to work on my all weaknesses and work for His kingdom. The great thing about this seminary is it not only focuses on theoretically but it makes to work in a practically way with humble nature. This seminary equipped me personally and helped to work in my vision I had. Therefore, now I am working as Sunday school teacher in my local church which make me to understand the child thoughts and their works. The goal which I carry for the future is to work among children as well as to work as a missionary.  

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Nepal Ebenezer Bible College

Considering the growing needs of theologically trained people in Nepal in order to produce spiritual leaders and strengthen the churches, which were and are rapidly growing throughout the country. Nepal Ebenezer Bible College was established in 1992 as a wing of National Churches Fellowship of Nepal. From its inception, NEBC has been focusing to provide sound biblical teaching with the emphasis on practical implication.

Though there are a number of Bible training centers in Nepal, NEBC stands for some specific characteristic with its vision and mission. First, it stands for its denominational nature, and accommodates students, faculties and staffs from all denominations who confess the fundamental beliefs of Christian Faith. Secondly, it is not an individual endeavor, rather a corporate vision to equip men and women of God for the edification of the Church, particularly in Nepal and in general Nepali Diaspora and beyond.

There is a great need of theological trained leaders in the church. The church of Nepal has realized the importance of theological education which leads them to send some members from their respective church to be trained in the Bible College. This is a good starting for the churches of Nepal. All the church needs a good leaders and minister who can lead the congregation with good doctrine and teachings.

Every year NEBC graduates fifteen students from Bachelor of Theology and few students from Master of Divinity. NEBC has also begin a diploma of theology to reach out the grass root level people. Observing the needs of the grass root people NEBC is planning to have an extension course in coming days in which many pastors and leaders who have not done their secular studies can be benefited. who returns back to their Church. Most of the students who have graduate are doing a wonderful ministry in their respective churches.

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