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Graduation Date - February 2021

Personal Testimony

My experience of salvation was at the age of 16, in high school. My neighborhood did not provide me an environment conducive for godly living. Still my parents dedicated me for church service and raised me in a disciplined lifestyle. Ignoring the advices of parents, I decided to join polytechnic education to ensure an economically better living condition at home.

However, God intervened my life at different points and on one occasion, when three of us in the family contracted a rare disease and reached the point of death, I asked God if He would still be willing to let me in ministry. After the short prayer in my heart on the hospital bed, critically ill at the age of 17, my parents and I experienced a miraculous healing. With great peace within me, I responded to the call of God about which I never again regretted. God blessed me with His presence all through the journey till date and I felt him close at all times.

Being a local pastor at New India Bible Church I am working in a place that is Hindu dominated and economically marginalized. New converts in the church face up with social, cultural alienations and relational break up and several ethical problems. Providing hope, courage and direction to the younger generation is a main goal for the community.

NIBS leaders have played a significant role in my walk with the Lord and so I chose this seminary for training. In the past year I was appointed as the coordinator for the youth ministry for 100 churches, an added responsibility that is making a great impact. I completed seven modules this year and each one helped me to have more understanding and skills.

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New India Bible Seminary

New India Bible Seminary has been serving the churches in India and South Asia for the past forty-five years. Till date over four thousand graduates have been equipped and sent out to serve the churches in various capacities of Christian service and ministry. It has become clearer to the Seminary leadership that building a strong and godly leadership for the churches and mission organizations in India and beyond to respond creatively to the diverse needs of the current generation in and outside the church is an important priority. Identifying vital areas of needs/challenges in church’s mission today, seminary strives to equip a new generation of transformed leaders through an intentional Transformative Theological Education curriculum, prompting multiplying impact.

Annually, 250 young men and women from 56 local languages representing 21 states of India and 4 provinces of Nepal are receiving ministry formation at NIBS. The ‘formal-informal-non-formal guild’ of NIBS has typified a mission-oriented stature by its impetus in being responsive to the diverse needs and challenges of a nation like India. NIBS’ Bachelor of Ministry (B Min) offered as a ministry refresher program for pastors and lay leaders is a constant source of support to the church. Seminary assigns community services for the church and lay training programs which are making great impact in church life.

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